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1.24.2022 - New echoPlaque Application Note details methods for dealing with anomalous Infraredx DICOM files.
Please click here for more information.
5.11.2012 - echoPlaque 4 now supports Volcano VH for both Eagle Eye and Revolution VH
echoPlaque 4 upgrades are now available. Add Eagle Eye and Revolution VH capabilities as well as OCT analysis. Also includes iMap support for customers outside the United States. Please click here for more information. Contact INDEC Systems for details (
11.20.2011 - Real Time Co-Registration of Angiography with IVUS/OCT
INDEC Medical Systems and Pie Medical Imaging announce a joint project providing real time co-registration of angiography with IVUS/OCT for the cathlab. Co-registration provides a powerful combination of angiographic roadmap and intravascular details using INDEC Medical Systems' sophisticated, market-leading IVUS/OCT analysis software and Pie Medical Imaging's popular, market-leading QCA software. Please click here for more information.
10.14.2011 - Visit INDEC Medical Systems at TCT
Come visit us in booth 1435 at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) 2011 Conference November 7-11 in San Francisco. All INDEC medical analysis and storage applications will be on display including new features such as Angiography/IVUS coregistration, Revolution VH analysis, OCT raw scan conversion, and more. For more information, visit the TCT website
8.30.2011 - MIB 48 Released
MIB (Medical Imaging Bench) version 48 is now released. The latest version of MIB features improvements to OCT scan conversion and IVUS and OCT coregistration.
7.29.2011 - Enhancer 83 Released
Enhancer version 83 now features foreign language reporting - generate localized, foreign language patient reports with a few simple mouse clicks. INDEC's Liberator supplemental storage software and Enhancer viewer comprise INDEC's vendor-neutral, multi-modality cath lab package.
4.21.2011 - 64-bit Windows 7 Software Compatibility
INDEC Medical Systems analysis, storage, and network communication applications are now fully compatible with 64-bit Windows 7 workstations giving INDEC applications the ability to run in a faster, more powerful environment than ever before.
4.5.2011 - echoPlaque 4.0 Announced
INDEC Medical Systems announces echoPlaque 4.0, the latest release of the popular IVUS and OCT analysis software. echoPlaque 4.0 contains many additions to speed up and enhance IVUS and OCT analysis. New features include color OCT; vessel morphology and image coloring; stent strut counting, classifying, and measuring; arc measurements; additional tools for tissue analysis; new automatic edge detection; improved longitudinal border tracing; and more. echoPlaque 4.0 is also fully compatible with Windows 7.  More...
3.04.2011 - Visit INDEC Medical Systems at ACC
Come visit us in booth 4535 at the American College of Cardiology (ACC) 2011 Scientific Sessions April 2-5 in New Orleans. We will be showing echoPlaque 4, the latest release of our popular OCT and IVUS analysis software, as well as our full family of analysis and storage applications. For more information, visit the ACC website
1.10.2011 - INDEC has moved!
INDEC has moved to a new office in Santa Clara:
INDEC Systems, Inc.
4701 Patrick Henry Dr.
Suite 2401 Building 24
Santa Clara, CA 95054
The phone number has remained the same: 408-986-1600.
All upcoming events postponed due to COVID

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